The World Trade Organization (WTO)

The World Trade Organization (WTO) faces consistent complaints that it does not do enough to respond to the needs of developing countries and the challenges of environmental sustainability. With the Doha Round still in play, we can only speculate on how close governments will come to achieving the ambitions of the Doha Development Agenda. Meanwhile, questions about the needs and priorities for reform of the governance of the WTO remain. Whereas the recommendations of the Sutherland Report on the Future of the WTO (2005) provoked considerable discussion in the scholarly literature, the issue of appropriate institutional reforms has not yet been taken up in earnest in policymaking circles. When discussions do take place, the emphasis is too often limited to reforms necessary to speed the process for reaching new WTO deals, neglecting broader questions of how to ensure the global trading system advances the ends for which it was established – to improve economic welfare in all countries, reduce poverty and advance sustainable development………..


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